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Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Gate Installer

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In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the main things to consider when choosing an Electric Gate Installer.

Single point of contact

Costs can vary depending on what kind of style and specification of the electric gate you’re looking for, but in an ideal world, it’s a good idea to choose an installer who is willing to take on the whole project, including the design phase. The design of the gate can often impact the overall cost of the automation, so it’s important the design takes into account the overall budget for the project.

By using a single contractor that can deliver the whole project, they’re also taking on all of the liability. Having a single point of contact means you won’t have to worry about things not being installed correctly according to the design. There might also be occasions where you want to add an extra feature which is often easier to accomplish when you only have to consult one other party.

Installer competence

If you’ve got any doubts as to how competent the contractor is, ask to see some of their previous electric gate installations. They should be able to provide photos or videos of the gates in operation.

Knowledge of common problems

There are some common problems with electric gates, usually due to the way they have been designed or installed. Don’t be afraid to ask your installer what these might be. They should be able to run through the main faults that you’ve come across on a poorly installed gate. Greenlight Electrical has been installing electric gates for over 10 years. and we are constantly improving the way we deliver our service to customers. One of the biggest issues we’ve seen over the years with electric gates are slugs getting into the control panels. To combat this issue, we always make sure we put an additional enclosure around the control panel to prevent this problem.

Safety qualifications

All contractors who offer electric gates should have relevant qualifications, they might have been trained directly by a manufacturer, Gate Safe approved and whether or not they’ve been approved by the Doors and Hardware Federation. The accreditations you’re looking out for are:

Customer reviews

If you’ve got any doubts about whether a contractor is reputable, most contractors will be reviewed in some way, don’t be afraid to ask to see some reviews and also ask to see some examples of their work. They should be forthcoming with it.

Final thoughts

When choosing the right electric gate installer, make sure you check their accreditations and customer reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask to see pictures of their previous work and do your homework! Where possible use a single company for the whole project. If you would like any help or advice on your electric gate project, the friendly team at Green Light Electrical is always on hand to help. Give us a call on 01425 477943 or get in touch with us via our contact form.

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