Business Solar Panels

Build a better energy system for your business

Business Solar Panels

Solar panels for commercial buildings can offer businesses greater freedom in their energy consumption, help achieve carbon output reduction and promote businesses as a force for good in the battle against climate change.

Why choose solar panels for your business?

With increasing and uncertain future costs for business energy, being able to generate your own energy as a business is becoming more important. Commercial solar panels allow you to do just that, whilst presenting your business as a leader in renewables and green energy.

Many businesses have committed themselves to a net zero deadline or carbon emissions goal.

Commercial solar panel installation can help you take a huge step in the right direction towards achieving those goals.

Leading by example as a business is vital and solar panels will positively impact your overall brand. Your staff and neighbouring businesses, or those within your industry, are more likely to follow suit and make greater efforts to in turn reduce their carbon output.

Solar panels also reduce your operational/production costs, whether you’re in manufacturing or have a sizable office team.

Solar Panels for Business

Solar panels for farms

We can install solar panels for businesses of all shapes and sizes. A popular industry is farming and we have installed commercial solar panels for farms across Hampshire and Dorset.

With available space on your land, solar panels can offer a significant impact on your energy costs. Reducing reliance on the national grid can offer greater freedom in your energy usage, protect the environment and, with our battery storage solutions, even allow you to utilise your excess energy during the colder months.

Recent solar panel installations

Take a look through some of our recent solar panel installations.

Solar panels for business costs

Commercial solar panels continue to grow in popularity, in part due to their affordability. Before now, the cost of solar panels would put many businesses off.

The environmental benefits, alongside the lower investment cost of solar panels for businesses, are why they’re now much more commonly found.

Payback periods are an important factor for many who are considering installing solar panels for their home. We provide a survey which can offer an accurate payback period, offering peace of mind and clarity on the true cost of your investment.

The costs of a commercial solar panel installation will vary for every business, and it’s best to talk to our team to find an estimated cost for your project.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Maintenance and repair

Unfortunately, when not properly installed, solar panels can be damaged by the weather or wear and tear over time. Green Light Electrical take special care during our installations, allowing minimal maintenance to all that’s required to keep your solar panel in tip-top shape.

Maintenance is easy – but it’s important that you monitor your analytics and check it’s clean. Tracking the information from your solar system will allow you to monitor energy production. You can compare energy output to ensure your solar panels are producing at their highest level. If you’re not getting the output you’d expect, it may require a clean.

We offer a maintenance service for solar panels we’ve installed, as well as working with a recommended local provider to ensure reliable cleaning for your solar panels.

Your solar panel questions answered

To help you get up to speed with everything solar, we’ve put to together a selection of helpful videos.

What are Solar Panels?

In this video, our Director Nick explains what solar panels are, how they work and the advantages of having them on your roof at home.

Solar Panel Payback period

In this video, our Director Nick explains what solar panels are, how they work and the advantages of having them on your roof at home.

Will Solar Panels save you money?

In this video, our Director Nick explains what solar panels are, how they work and the advantages of having them on your roof at home.

Solar panel battery storage

When you’re generating energy, you’ll want to use it. During sunnier months, your commercial solar panels may generate more energy than you can use.

That’s why it’s integral to install a battery that can store energy generated by your solar panels, which can be used at a time of your choosing. Business energy costs may be available at more favourable rates, depending on the season, leading to big savings when combined with your solar panel battery storage.

We install industry-leading Sunsink and Tesla power walls, proven to stand the test of time and deliver the best results for your business.


Why choose Green Light Electrical?

We take the time

Before any installation, we take the time to understand why you’re considering solar panels. This helps us ensure they’re the right fit for your premises, your needs and the future of your business

Tailored solution

We will create a tailored solution that ticks all the boxes and gets you the solution you need.

We’re solar experts

We’re experts who understand how to install solar panels for businesses effectively, and always cause as little disruption to your operations in the process.

Read our customer feedback

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Kevin Stansfield
Kevin Stansfield
This is a Testimonial for Nick Green for the work he did on my offices, and the support that he has given some of my clients over the years. I have struggled with tradesman over the year and been let down on many occasions. It has been so refreshing to work with Nick and his team and know that when they say they are going to do something they book it in and it gets done. They give a fixed price and will always communicate if things are not going to plan. Would thoroughly recommend Nick and the team at GLE
J.J. Botelho
J.J. Botelho
Professional work and great attitude.
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis
Reliable and professional as ever. Thanks for great advice and a great job.
Pete Stubbings
Pete Stubbings
Excellent work and service. Very helpful when we had an issue caused by our building company (not GLE). Will certainly use again for future electrical work.
Jayne O'reilly
Jayne O'reilly
Excellent service from this company. Initially used as an electrical emergency during the Christmas period, arrived very promptly even though they should've been closed, as all other engineers were. I am now using them to fix my electric gates. All staff I have been in contact with ( Office Manager, electrical engineers and the 'boss') have been extremely polite and very efficient. Electric gates now fixed. They continue to offer a fantastic service with very friendly and efficient staff. I would highly recommend them for any electrical job.
roy mayhew
roy mayhew
Paul was an good worker, punctual and his work was an excellent standard
Mimi Ronald
Mimi Ronald
A lovely family team with high standards and a great customer service ethic, high on safety and extremely reliable. I would recommend to my grandmother (that's how great I think they are).
Gino Cirelli
Gino Cirelli
Green Light Electrical came to the Lymington Save The Children shop to fit a new heater switch for the front door heater. Even though the work was carried out during shop opening times, it was done very professionally and without disruption to the customers or store staff. The site was left cleaner than when they arrived! Would highly recommend.

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