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Bespoke or ready-made aluminium gates to suit every budget.

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Whether you’re looking for high-quality aluminium gates tailored to you or a cost effective ready-made solution, we have the solution.

High-quality Aluminium Gates

Horizal is a world-renowned European manufacturer, specialising in aluminium gates of outstanding quality. Vast range of innovative designs tailored to your exact requirements. Each gate is individually made, with a heavy-duty framework and factory-tested.


ready made aluminium gates

Ready-made Aluminium Gates

Elegant, modern and pleasing to the eye – the perfect solution to protect your property. Our ready-made aluminium gates are in stock and ready for delivery. Our designs bring a contemporary twist to the traditional style, making them suitable for all types of properties.

What are the the benefits of aluminium?

Aluminium is an increasingly popular material for gates.

Aluminium does not rust, it resists time and climatic changes. Maintenance is minimum.

Lightweight, putting less strain on the mechanical parts and masonry.

Aluminium is a recyclable material.

Aluminium is malleable yet robust, so can be designed in many different styles.

High-quality Aluminium Gates

Individually crafted with heavy-duty framework, factory-tested, and reinforced for robust automation equipment operation in all weather. Made from top-grade aluminium, finished with the highest European standards for durability and sold in over 30 countries, offering confidence in a world-class product.

  • Individually made, with heavy-duty framework
  • Designed to be dismantled to replace any sections accidentally damaged
  • Manufactured from “Qualimarine” grade aluminium, the highest European standard
  • Finished and protected with the “Qualicoat Class-2” process
  • Reinforced resistance to UV and weather 

Aluminium Gate Styles

A vast range of innovative designs, with many personalised solutions.
Contemporary Painted Collection

Contemporary Painted Collection

The Contemporary Painted collection covers a large range of models with several types of infills, from semi-open and fully open gates, with flat or curved tops, to fully boarded gates with horizontal boards.

Contemporary Woodgrain Collection

The Contemporary Woodgrain collection features four woodgrain options and is an excellent maintenance free replacement for wooden gates. There are many models and shapes to choose from in the Contemporary range.

LED Collection

An innovation in the industry, the LED collection features LED controlled lighting inside of the gate profiles to give a desirable look. These can also be controlled on a timer or via mobile phone app (Night & Day range).

Traditional Collection

The Traditional collection replaces wrought iron gates without the inconvenience of corrosion and excessive maintenance. The customisation of the traditional range offers a considerable number of aesthetic options and a choice of combinations to make your gate a unique piece.


Anodised Collection

The anodised collection undergoes a specialist process of anodisation surface treatment, labelled and protected by the Qualanod™ quality label which guarantees the performance of resistance tests and the thickness of the anodising layer.

Stainless Collection

The stainless collection features a modern style with brushed stainless-steel inserts in 4 shapes of inserts: Square, diamond, vertical strips and horizontal strips. The stainless-steel inserts are placed symmetrically on both sides of the gates to replicate the effect both inside and out.

Lazer Collection

The Lazer range offers a series of multiple styles of laser cut aluminium sheets. Most patterns are available in two formats, vertical and horizontal and are integrated within the gate profile to offer a total of 30 variations. A collection that combines style and originality.

Akordia Collection

This unique and stylish collection is available with standard 125mm boards and optional 250mm board, a number of models with variations of opaque glass, brushed stainless-steel or mirrored stainless steel inserts to give a personalised feel to your gates.

Revelation Collection

This collection offers many different customisation options to create your own individual design. With bar, mesh and glass infills in a wide choice of colours you can “mix and match” so many different components to create your perfect gate.

Confidence Collection

Offering a completely different look and feel to our other collections, a selection of murals bring a touch of originality and elegance to suit the most discerning customer.

Garden/Pedestrian Gates

All of our models and collections offer a matching garden gate equivalent to ensure pedestrian access and a full completed access solution to any property. With a manual keyed lock and handle by default these can also be fitted with a coded or electric strike lock for increased convenience and security.


Complete your project with a selection of fencing available in wall-top and full height to ensure a safe and secure perimeter. Available in many different matching models and colours finished and protected with the Qualicoat™ class-2 quality label.

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Ready-made Aluminium Gates

Elegant, stylish and aesthetically pleasing to the eye – the perfect solution to protect your property. Choose from a large range of both contemporary and traditional gate designs, available in two stock colours, Black & Anthracite Grey. Bespoke RAL colours available on request. A standard set of double, manual swing gates can be
installed in less than two hours.

  • In stock and ready for delivery with just the click of a button.
  • Can accommodate all types of automation such as underground operators and automatic rams.
  • All aluminium gates have a hard-wearing, polyester powder-coated finish.

5 Year Warranty

Our ready-made aluminium gates are naturally corrosion resistant, low maintenance and supported by a 5-year warranty on the structure and finish.

5 Year Warranty

Our ready-made gates are aluminium gate readily in stock which means we can offer quality garden & driveway gates, with short lead-times.

Driveway gates

Aluminium double swing residential gates cover an opening spanning from 3000mm – 4500mm, with heights from 1000mm to 2200mm, and supplied with 4 x Wall mounted hinges and 2 x Floor mounted hinges as standard. Additionally, a range of aluminium gate support posts are available with adjustable hinges.

5 Year Warranty

Aluminium pedestrian gates cover an opening spanning from 800mm to 1200mm, with heights from 1000mm to 2200mm. Supplied with 2 x Adjustable wall mounted hinges, 1 x Floor mounted hinge, gate handle, lock & keys and full-length lock keep as standard. Additionally, a range of aluminium gate support posts are available with adjustable hinges.

Aluminium Gate Gallery

Take a look through a selection of aluminium gate installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked electric gate questions.

Yes, aluminium gates are known for their durability, as they are resistant to rust and corrosion.
Absolutely, aluminium gates can be customized in various designs, colors, and finishes to suit your preferences.
Aluminium gates offer a lightweight yet sturdy alternative to steel, with low maintenance compared to wood.
Yes, aluminium gates are weather-resistant and can withstand exposure to rain, sun, and snow without deteriorating.
Generally, yes. Their lightweight nature often makes installation easier compared to heavier materials like steel.
Yes, aluminium gates can be automated by integrating them with an electric gate opener system for convenient remote operation.

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J.J. Botelho
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Andrew Davis
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Pete Stubbings
Excellent work and service. Very helpful when we had an issue caused by our building company (not GLE). Will certainly use again for future electrical work.
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Jayne O'reilly
Excellent service from this company. Initially used as an electrical emergency during the Christmas period, arrived very promptly even though they should've been closed, as all other engineers were. I am now using them to fix my electric gates. All staff I have been in contact with ( Office Manager, electrical engineers and the 'boss') have been extremely polite and very efficient. Electric gates now fixed. They continue to offer a fantastic service with very friendly and efficient staff. I would highly recommend them for any electrical job.
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Paul was an good worker, punctual and his work was an excellent standard
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Mimi Ronald
A lovely family team with high standards and a great customer service ethic, high on safety and extremely reliable. I would recommend to my grandmother (that's how great I think they are).
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