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How Much Could Electric Gates Cost?

What's covered in this guide

Electric gates provide security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal to properties, but their installation costs can vary significantly depending on various factors.

In this guide, we will explore the average costs associated with installing electric gates, ranging from basic to high-end solutions. By understanding the factors influencing pricing, property owners can make informed decisions about their electric gate installations.

Average Costs of Electric Gates

Electric gates come in various sizes, specifications, and features, each affecting the overall investment required. Let’s break down the average costs based on different types and ranges.

Small Five-Bar Gate:

Typically priced between £5,000 to £6,000 including supply and fit. These gates offer basic functionality and are suitable for residential properties seeking a simple yet effective entry solution.

Pair of Swing Gates:

Prices range from £10,000 to £11,000. However, costs could rise to £50,000 depending on specific materials and customisation requirements. Swing gates provide a traditional and elegant entrance to properties, but their costs can vary significantly based on size and features.

Commercial Solutions:

In commercial environments, the requirements for electric gates may differ, often necessitating more robust and advanced systems. For instance:

Telescopic Sliding Gates: Designed for commercial settings, these gates can span significant distances and require precision engineering. Past quotations for a 10-meter telescopic sliding gate have been around £50,000, highlighting the substantial investment required for commercial-grade installations.

Ranges and Features

Electric gates can be categorised into low, mid, and high ranges based on their features and specifications:

Low Range:

Typically consists of basic five-bar field gates with basic automation, priced around £3,000. Additional costs for supplying, fitting, and accessories bring the total investment to approximately £6,000. These gates offer essential security and functionality at a relatively affordable price point.

Mid Range:

Mid-range electric gates often comprise a pair of gates made from aluminum, steel, or softwood. Priced between £10,000 to £11,000, these gates could be equipped with features such as intercoms, keypads, and induction sensors for enhanced security and convenience. The inclusion of durable steel posts ensures longevity and reliability, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial properties.

High Range:

At the high end of the spectrum, electric gates boast advanced features like number plate recognition, swipe fobs, and premium hardwood materials. With prices upwards of the £15,000 mark, these gates offer unparalleled security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Property owners seeking top-of-the-line solutions often opt for highly bespoke electric gates to elevate the sophistication and functionality of their entrances.

Considerations and Consultation

Before proceeding with an electric gate installation, it’s crucial for property owners to assess their needs, preferences, and budgetary constraints. Consulting with experienced professionals, like Green Light Electrical, can provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to specific requirements. By understanding the various options available and their associated costs, property owners can make well-informed decisions to enhance the security and curb appeal of their properties.

Final Thoughts

The average costs of installing electric gates vary depending on factors such as size, specification, and features. From basic five-bar gates to high-end systems with advanced security features, property owners have a wide range of options to choose from. By carefully considering their requirements and consulting with professionals, property owners can invest in electric gates that meet their needs while staying within budget. Whether for residential or commercial properties, electric gates offer unparalleled security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, making them a worthwhile investment for property enhancement.

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