Fault Finding

Green Light Electrical Installations offer a full fault-finding service on all electrical installations and a wide range of machinery, plant, and control panels. We have a wide source of technical support available to enable us to quickly identify and rectify a vast range of faults.

Fault finding on fixed wiring installations is sometimes a difficult and time-consuming operation. We endeavour to make our clients aware of this from the start of the process. Fixed wiring is any electrical item in your home or workplace that cannot be removed without the use of a tool such as sockets and lights. Some common faults are rodent damage, trapped cables following DIY work, water damage, blown fuses or tripped MCB’s, damaged switches or sockets. Some faults are caused by domestic appliances such as kettles, irons, and toasters. We will always advise you to unplug all items before we send an engineer to your premises.

Automated machinery

Automated machinery plays a very important part in the industrial sector. These machines do fail from time to time. Green Light Electrical Installations can help to minimise the disruption to your output.

We have a team of highly competent engineers who can quickly diagnose and rectify faults on a vast range of machines. Rectifying programming faults, safety circuit faults, motor faults and many more. We work with many different manufacturers’ equipment, working with or without layout and circuit drawings.

Have a fault with your electrical installations? Contact us today and let us become your first-choice electrician.